About us

Park Data Solutions is a company that focuses on providing innovative custom software solutions for growing businesses

We bring focus and clarity to your toughest business challenges as we help you discover optimal opportunities for growth and scalability. Our team consists of CIO-grade developers that can solve the most complex problems on time and under budget. We help you re-think your processes and work together to streamline, rebuild, and deliver an individualized software solution that targets and solves your business problems. 

Years of Combined Experience

Industries We Work With


Online Commerce

Medical Billing

Real Estate

Retail & Wholesale

Medical Equipment


The Advantages of
Outsourcing with Park Data

Increased Access

Outsourcing gives you access to a much larger pool of talent and a greater range of technologies than what you would have access to on your own.

Time to Focus

Time is money. Outsourcing with Park Data will save you BOTH, by giving you the ability to focus exclusively on growing your business.

A Scalable Model

Our scalable personnel model gives you the flexibility to increase the size of your workforce as needed.

Less Costs and Complications

When you outsource, there are no payroll or employment benefits fees to contend with, helping you save 50-70% off your current cost structure.


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